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 Are you looking to Make some quick money on line?

I m sorry to be blunt here but there is no such thing as quick money. But keep reading If you would like some—– Free— help starting your own affiliate marketing website or to learn more about internet marketing,or you would like to learn about other legitimate ways of making money on line or just build your own free website.

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OK, so you are new to internet marketing and you want to make money on line and are looking for somewhere to get started………….

Hi My name is Andrew Aidulis. I build small to medium sized websites for local businesses and I also have a few affiliate websites to have an extra income stream.I am offering my Free internet marketing courses for any one who wishes to learn more about internet marketing,building small to medium sized business websites or just a hobby website.

This is my business website Click this link).

You are probably wondering by now what is the catch?

You might be asking yourself why would he offer to teach me for free he doesn’t even know me?

There is no catch!!!      Please thoroughly read the rest of this page and you will learn why. If you dont like reading      CLICK HERE    for a video instead

If you are like me when I first started searching to make money on line, you will already have come across lots of scams and instant one-click products that promise the world of riches  but when you purchase them they either don’t work, the idea’s are out dated or they are too hard to follow and you end up having to buy more and more products from the same people to make them work and eventually you find out that they never would work in the first place.

I also took this road when i started out trying to make money on line. Then I found a free on line course about internet marketing from a reputable marketer. Similar to the one I am now offering here for FREE on this page  I followed his steps and learned the right way to go about it.

Here is how it works. This is not a get rich quick system or one click wonder.I will send you my free mini courses on different methods of making legitimate money on line. And I will place links to the tools and programs I use and recommend inside the lessons. If you click on these links and purchase my recommended products I will receive a small commission from the product owner” This is exactly how affiliate marketing works.”

You can also follow my course and only use the free methods and free websites i recommend and teach how to use but some of the tools I will be  recommending will make it easier and more automated for your internet marketing ventures, but it is your choice as I also started with the free methods. You can always try the paid tools later as most of the links I send are for free trials for the paid versions.

I will only link to things that are needed to build an affiliate web site and I will also be linking to many free tools I use for internet marketing and will do videos on how to use them. If you would like to join my email lessons then put you name and email address in the form below. I will only send links to each lesson in this course in the emails and I wont send you any spammy get rich quick junk-mail.

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Here is a link to lesson 2 to give you an idea how the course works (lesson one doesn’t have a video)

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But First a little about myself.
I first started trying to make money on the internet in about  2009.  I bought lots of crap  that never worked as promised. I tried building websites and one page landing sites and bought one click products that just wasted my  money and lots of my time and never made me a cent. I joined Private membership sites where I was promised I would find every thing I needed to make money on line but i ended up just spending even more money  and wasting more of my precious time doing internet marketing the wrong way.

I eventually worked out that i needed to concentrate on one thing at a time and settled on building websites for small local businesses. During my other efforts I had taught myself how to make websites and how to get people to visit them. I learned how to get relevant back links and how to write unique interesting content about the niche i was catering to. I learned how to write related articles and put them on websites to get back links. I also ended up buying some good e-books and reports which actually did teach me  something  but i still needed to put it all together my self.

I also attended some internet marketing courses offered by our local council for small businesses to promote them selves on line and they had hired a SEO specialist to give three 2 hour lectures about website development,doing on and off site SEO and one full three hour session just on ways to get traffic.  That was the spark or the missing link  i needed and he also handed out a lot of good very detailed literature on the subject. He was also promoting his own services to do the work for them  but he had given a very good out line on why they needed it and  how it was done which was great for me.

I also learned the hard way that the most difficult part of selling any thing on the internet is getting people to actually visit your websites or blogs and getting your webpage found by people searching on Google or other search engines.

The search engines these days try very hard to link people searching for stuff to sites that will give them exactly the information they are looking for.They also look at sites that have links coming  to them from other sites in the same industry or related niche and will  then give your site more attention as this shows the search engines that if other people are sending traffic to your site from theirs that it must be good and related to the niche nor product you are offering.

So the biggest trick for internet marketing is learning how to do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and other methods of getting people interested in visiting your sites through social media like Facebook,Pinterest,Twitter and more.

Join my free News letter mini courses at the bottom or top of this page and I will try to help you in your own endeavors. It is a long road when you first start out on your own, as there is so much to learn and so many bullshit and scams out there about making instant money on line,one click money making page  builders,Instant money machines and much more.(I found out the hard way there is no instant get rich way of making money on line)

I also tried blogging and promoting affiliate products with no initial success. I tried paid advertising and sending paid traffic to small webpages with affiliate offers where I would get a small commission on each sale and I did make some money but this can also quickly lose you a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing.( I managed to break even doing this but I lost a lot to start with while i was learning)

If you are realy serious about creating a business on line then you need to start at the bottom and pick one method and learn all you can about it. But you need to be very careful as there are so many people around  who just want to rip you off. You also need to take action and actually do what is recommended and follow all the steps as there are no shortcuts to making money on line but there are some quicker ways of doing these tasks using automated tools that I will share with you.

If you would like a head start then  Join my free newsletter mini courses about internet marketing and I will send you my mini course on getting started and I will also teach you where to start-what not to do,what programs ,tools and software you will need and where to find it cheap or for free.

Here is how it works.This is not a get rich quick system or one click wonder.I will send you my free mini courses on different methods of making legitimate money on line.

I started at the bottom and finally learned the real way to make money on line by joining some good Free email courses offered by some other Ethical marketers.  I bought a few of their recommended products to get started and followed their instructions.They in turn got a commission on the products that I bought through their links in return for their help.And I learned how to make money on line from their courses so it is a win- win combination.

Like you—  I am on here to make money and  if you join my Free marketing lessons I will teach you what i have learned over the years and this will give you the head start you need. But I will occasionally send you a link to a particular product that  will help you  to get kick started  that I use myself and recommend. But i wont be sending you heaps of spammy junk and you can easily opt-out of my emails at any time by clicking a link in the email to not send you any more.

I will send you links to things like reliable web-hosting companies and where to get good domain names or editing programs or key word tools and automatic form fillers,Auto responders etc that make marketing easier and more automated and-  –  –  – wallah- –

I will get paid a commission !!!

As Simple as that !! If you buy that particular product by clicking on my link i will get a small commission from the product owner – – -but remember you don’t have to- this is my reward for helping you. (This is how you pay me back but you don’t have to buy every product I recommend)
This is exactly how affiliate marketing works!!  ( But if you end up buying the products I recommend through another persons link then I will miss out and they will get the commission instead.)

This is exactly the type of internet marketing that I will be teaching you how to set up!!

But I will also be recommending many free tools that I use and free ways to build websites as well and teach you how to use them.(I started out using some free websites with some success but you cant own them and they can just disappear overnight with no notice except the one I will be teaching you how to use in this course)

I will also explain the difference between the free versions and the paid versions of website builders and other useful free software and their benefits – limitations and pit falls to be careful of .

The first thing you need to work out is what you actually want to do on line to make money.

Below is a short list of legitimate ways to make money on line. When you Join my free email course by entering your name and email address in the form at the top or bottom of this page I will be sending you more information about each particular method how it works and step by step instructions and in-depth video lessons on how to get started in each of them.You can also make comments and ask me questions in the comments section below each individual lesson.

  • Affiliate marketing  (12 lessons and about 15 training video’s)
  • Email Marketing (5 lessons and links back to other training videos in the first course)
  • Selling E books (short course on how to make and sell E books)
  • Building small websites for local businesses and how to get the owners to buy them(this is a method i learned through an email course that realy works — you build a quick 5 page website around their business and send them a preview link to it and explain other features you can add and out line how you can save them a lot of money on advertising) This can be used for small one person businesses like electricians,plumbers,carpenters and the like.I will explain the concept -what particular platform to use -and how to pre-sell these sites to business owners_and how to recycle them if that particular business doesn’t want it.These sites cost nothing initially to build except about an hour of your time.  (This course will teach you what I said above and will have links back to the first course videos)
  • Drop shipping  ( I dont do much of this so it will be a basic outline with some links to other peoples courses on this subject)
  • Selling with Amazon (This will also be a basic outline)
  • Building E-commerce websites ( This will be a long course with a lot of video’s We will probably use open cart- or other shopping cart scripts )
  • Article Marketing
  • Writing articles and sales letters for other people.
  • Selling on e-bay and other auction sites
  • Building websites to promote Google ad-words. ( I show how to do this in the first course affiliate marketing)
  • Writing in depth tutorials or on your own subject of  area of expertise and promoting them on sites like Click-bank or Click sure .
  • Doing on line surveys
  • Creating logos or graphics
  • Converting static websites to dynamic mobile friendly sites (I will show a particular platform to use and how to find businesses that need this feature and how to convince them to use your services and how to set it all up)

Most of the methods above will usually require you to have a website of your own to promote these methods  but if you follow my training video’s from lesson 1 to lesson 12 in The Affiliate marketing course- – – –

    • You will learn how to build these websites your self or how to get them built cheaply for you with out getting ripped off.
    • You will learn how to do on site SEO or where to find reputable people to do it for you .
    • You will to learn how to promote your websites and get buyer traffic to them.
    • You will  learn what products to promote on your websites and where to find reliable companies that offer affiliate products that are suitable and will pay you a good commission for your efforts.(most good affiliate programs are set up to automatically pay you into your pay-pal account or other payment processor at the time of sale or per-scheduled intervals usually  weekly or monthly)
    • You will learn how to write unique content for your webpages or where to find reliable (cheap writers to do it for you).
    • There are many more things you may need to learn about that I will show you in my lessons when you join my free news letter  mini courses.
    • Each lesson is written in easily to understand terms and will have up to 5 follow along videos for each lesson.
    • Please enter you name and Email Address in the form below If you would like to receive my free training program. I will send out an email approximately every 5 to 7 days with a link to the relevant training lesson that you can opt out of at any time with no cost to you.Remember to check out your email account immediately and open the first email I send and click on the confirm link to receive the rest of this training.
    • I will not send you any  spammy junk only links to the next lesson. If you don’t get your first email with in 5 minutes of signing up then please check your spam folder in case your email provided has set filters.

Here is a link to lesson 2 to give you an idea how the course works (lesson one doesn’t have a video)