Lesson 2. Finding good keywords.

Andrews SEO and Marketing course.

profile picIn the last lesson we used the Google key word planner and a text document to find related keywords click on the link below for the video.And you can relate back to the text below that and the screen shots for pointers.

Video lesson on finding keywords here.

Now that we have our key words saved in our text document we are going to edit out the ones we aren’t interested in . Any searches relating to free we will delete first as we are looking for people who might be willing to buy a product. So just highlight any entry with free and delete it from our document.

editing our key word list

The next on our list is soccer betting tips-it has a fairly high search volume and a low competition so we will leave that one and any others similar to it at the moment as we might be able to find a betting product to sell to them.

Next we look for things like goalie tips -juggling tips-tips for beginners-in our search we find soccer 6 tips (i am not sure what it is but it has fairly high searches and low competition so we will keep it and research it later) keep looking for other related key words down to about 250 searches with low competition.If you find one with high searches and a medium competition keep it as well as you can always do some more research later.I also kept one or two with low searches and low competition as we might be able to match a higher paying product to them.

We now have a short list of potential key words to work with. I also kept the main key word soccer tips.( It had 9000 searches and was medium competition, and it will be our main niche key word)

new edited note pad

Finding products to affiliate with and market on our website.

The first place i usually look for products is called Click-bank.It is a marketing platform built for buying and selling digital products and they handle the sales, tracking and payments . You can sign up for free to promote products the only time it costs you is when you make a commission they take a small fee and if you are selling you pay a fixed price to promote each of your products.

I won’t go into detail about making an account as it is fairly straight forward just go to www.clickbank.com and start an account (it is free for affiliates and a one time fee if you are planing on listing your own products). Make sure to add your pay-pal account so you can get paid and also go into your account settings and set up how you want to get paid . Once you make an account and log in to your account go up the top of the page and click on market place. This is where we search for related products to our key words. Once you are in the market place select a category related to your niche. Then type your key word into the search bar. There are also different search options-you can search by high commission-keyword related-gravity (this is basically the number of people already selling the product) and a few more search options are available but we will choose key word relevant for now.

Now we start researching suitable products. If you are new to click-bank don’t get distracted by the adds on each side of the search promising to make money etc  as you will just end up going in endless circles.Just concentrate on finding some good products to promote in the niche we picked.

Finding products on clickbank

You need to review the products and also check out the sales page and watch the sales video or read the sales pitch to form an opinion from a buyers point of view. Ask your self  will this teach me about soccer? (or what ever your niche is) does it cover what i want to learn? and other buyer questions like if I was into soccer would i buy this product?

After looking at a few products I chose one on soccer training.   I will join their affiliate programchoosing a producton clickbank

If you want to promote a product click on the promote button and a window will appear where you can add a tracking code.”I typed in soccer+1″ as my code and you will see it in the link when it is generated.

A new window will appear

Then click on create and it will generate a set of links for you.Copy both links into your key word note pad document.

A window willappear and we can put in a tracking code

The first link is your link that you can use to link to pictures on your site or use it to create text links with your keywords. The second link is a html link you can add to your website and it will just add a “click here” link. Any one clicking on these links from your website will be taken to the sales page of the product. If that person buys you will get a commission as clickbank tracks your unique link you created and will credit the sale to you.(it is better to shorten or cloak these links so no one else can change them to their own I will do a separate video on this later into the course.)

In the next lesson I will show you how to set up a free website- do on page SEO as we go and put some good content on it with our affiliate links. Then we will look for more products to promote from places like amazon and others.


  • Edit key words you saved-remove any with the word free
  • Remove any keywords with a search volume less than 150
  • Mark any with high competition as we will analyze and possibly remove them as well.
  • Mark those with a low search volume and low competition as we may be able to find high ticket items for those searches to make them worthwhile.
  • If you don’t have one already join up for a free Click-bank Account
  • Search on click bank for products related to your saved keywords then go to the sales page or video and read or watch and make up your mind if it looks like a good product and whether you would promote it.
  • Find two or three products to promote and get the hop links for them. Put these in a text document and make sure to copy both the codes. If you want to promote off line then download the QR code.

Video lesson on finding keywords here.

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